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10 Fun Activities for Your Next Girls Night or Girls Day

Sep 17, 2016 | Girls Night Out - What to Do, Going Out

1. Host a moviethon

Whether it’s a Gossip Girl marathon session or watching all of the Harry Potter movies, pick a group favorite, whip up some popcorn, extra points if you add your own seasonings, and enjoy relaxation and chatting about your favorite characters and plot twists.

With a group of three or more, create a Google spreadsheet and decide who brings what to the movie marathon. Before you know it, with the cost of a few rentals, snacks, and drinks, this fun-filled day is super affordable at less than $10 per person!

girls night ideas movie night

2. Throw a theme party

Whether you love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones or Sex and the City, invite your friends over for a theme party. Get creative with dressing for your favorite part and provide foods that fit the theme. Have a price for who brings the most creative dish and for best costume. Depending on how elaborate you are with food, drinks, decorations, prizes and costumes, you can throw an inexpensive theme party that people will be talking about for months to come.

Girls Night Out Ideas Theme Party

3. Take a bartending class

Learn how to easily whip up cocktails with your friends! With hands-on expertise from a real bartender, typically $25 and up per person depending on experience and location, you can ask specifically about what ingredients to use, how much simple syrup to add and even how to make low-cal drink options that still taste amazing and get the job done.

Girls Night Ideas Attend a Bartending Class

4. Peruse the farmers market

Head to a local farmers market. Don’t know when or where a local farmers market is happening in your town? Use this tool, Local Harvest Farmers Market ,to find to local farmers markets. While there with your girls, check out the fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, and other local vendors. Then use your purchases to whip up a healthy lunch and have a nourishing dining experience with your friends!

Girls Night Ideas Farmers Market.

5. Visit a local farm

If you’re tired of the been there done that attitude of getting your friends to go to a farmer’s market, why not try going directly to the farm?

Get the girls together and head out of town to visit a local farm. You’ll find fresh produce and maybe even be inspired to eat more local foods more often.

Girls Night Ideas Farm Life

6. Have a game day

Whether you play Cards Against Humanity, Charades, Monopoly, Sorry, Trivial Pursuit, Cranium or Taboo, games have a way of opening up the conversation and creating lasting memories. And it’s free if you have the game at home!

See our 5 game picks for your next girls night.

Girls Night Ideas Game Night

7. Plan a fit movie day

Watch classic movies that incorporate fitness for inspiration. Love to dance with your girlfriends? Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Footloose and Flashdance are the best options! Practice some of the moves and be ready to hit the dance floor in style. Are you all team players both on and off the sports field? A League of Their Own and Bend It Like Beckham are good choices.

Girls Night Ideas Fit Movie

8. Have a smoothie-making party

Tired of hitting up Jamba juice? Have a kick-ass blender? Assign your friends a list of smoothie ingredients to bring over—yogurt, kale, juice, bananas, frozen fruits, spinach—and get creative with a smoothie tasting party. Reward the person who makes the best-tasting smoothie with a fun prize!

Girls Night Ideas Smoothies

9. Go out to the ball game

We know, the ball game isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for a fun girls night, but that’s why it’s on the list. Sometimes you need to change things up to have fun. Head to a ball game with the gals, be it a hockey game, minor league baseball game, major league baseball game or a pro basketball game.

We suggest finding a minor league baseball game in the summer. Prices are much cheaper, and there are fun events in-between each inning to keep things lively.

Girls Night Ideas Minor League Baseball Game

10. Take a roadtrip

Oftentimes, a road trip with your girlfriends is all you need for a boost of mental health. Make a fun playlist with songs that you and your friends love and hit the road. Whether it be across town or across the country is entirely up to you! Go visit that local town 45 minutes away for a comedy show, or that town a county over famous for its ribs. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is open up Google Maps and your sense of adventure.

girls night ideas road trip

Remember, sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to getting your girlfriends together. There’s no need to do the standard coffee date or retail therapy session when there are so many options out there for good food, fitness, and fun!

Did we miss any ideas that you want to share with the rest of the community? Let us know in the comments below.

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